Pirate Coins

best anonymous
digital money.

Built using the best cryptography and privacy algorithms in the industry.

top privacy by default

top privacy by default.

Pirate Chain only allows making shielded (private) transactions by only using the latest shielded ARRR pool!

51% attack resistant.

51% attack resistant.

Pirate Chain uses delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) against 51% attacks to secure itself against 51% attacks.

privacy preserving

privacy preserving.

Pirate wallet is a z-address native wallet, since Pirate Chain doesn’t support public addresses.

powered by ECC/Zcash SDKs

powered by ECC/Zcash SDKs

Pirate Wallet uses the best tool sets created by the research & development team from ECC/Zcash.

pirate wallet is a light-wallet

pirate wallet is a light-wallet.

Using Pirate Wallet requires trust in the lightwalletd server (that stores the Pirate Chain blockchain) to display accurate transaction information.

self-custody wallet for Pirate Chain

self-custody wallet for Pirate Chain.

You have sole responsibility over your funds stored on Pirate Wallet. Please immediately & securely backup the seed words upon creating a wallet.

set up custom lightwalletd server

set up custom lightwalletd server.

User has a choice to set up their own lightwalletd server, and use that instead.

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